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Hirst uses shock almost as a formal element. But really, all I still want to say is: If you want horror t Ushankas off to Osborne for this frosty horror. It grapples with class divides until these suddenly matter much less , drug use which is also entwined with the magic system , and vengeance. There she will learn of drug-fuelled shamanic powers thought to be myth, powers which might defeat the Federation during its third invasion. Only so many good words can be said about a book, so I'll finish with this:

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It bounces between a handful of characters getting by, where the distinction between prisoners and those who guard them is not Efficient and unsentimental. Kuang takes her characters and gives them the depth and soul I believe a human being would have under these circumstances. I also loved the use of "Van Gogh" as a verb. They know how to ride a skateboard and do tricks the first time they try. Stick your spiders where the sun don't shine. She dedicates herself to learning as much as she can about the history of her empire, The First and Second Poppy Wars, and how an entire race of people were sacrificed just to gain allies in a conflict. In a fantasy environment this means allowing Gods to exert their powers on earth — is that choice justified.

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Anna Maria G, Reviewer. They are sparingly, but well characterised and I could always remember who was who and what there motivations were: It's brutally cold, there's little food, and absolutely no salvation in sight. Kuang where smart girls give zero fucks and obstacles better get out of their way before they get moved. I know, what an asshole. Cora Linn B, Reviewer. This series shows particularly clearly how, when Hirst finds something that works, he goes with it.
The story is filled with different people, each one with a completely different background and their unique story to tell. It's kind of what you expect of a boarding school bildungsroman, with enemy classmates, fast friends, eccentric teachers, impossible crushes, but it's also waaay more intense than that. If this sounds interesting, its because it is. And, here especially, there is actually a good deal of humor in these pages. Each one of those things is either a neurotoxin or a carcinogen on its own, but when piled together in a boiling stream of Smurf Piss, they essentially become a stew of brain-detonating cancer juice. The writing style was exactly my cup of tea.

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