Fel domination macro

If you don't press anything then it will default to a regular Backstab as seen in the first line. The sequence resets after Devouring Plague, or if enough time passes between button presses Clicking this macro will bandage yourself using the bandage that is appropriate for your location - i. Will only work in combat. This is the best approach to this kind of macro, because it's 1 push if standing, 2 if running. You can also turn this into a healing macro if you change the final spell.


Useful macros for warlocks

Once identified you'll need to change the ID in the GetSpellCooldown check so it matches your spell book contents. Unbroken Page 8 How can I keep track of what I have up for auction? This version allows for focus casting when the ALT key is held. Voidwalker Health Recovery Often when soloing with an affliction build, a warlock ends combat with near full health and mana. Little DoTs like this drive rogues up the wall because they can't stealth. Make sure that you select the "question mark" for the buttons icon so the proper icon will show up Incinerate as it's default.

I have a lock macro request - Warlock - Wowhead Forums

If shift is held down while using this macro it will focus your current target and cast Spell Lock on that target changing focus , if you don't have a target it will simply clear your focus. A macro is something you write, and assign an icon to, and then drag down to one of your buttons, just like a spell. If you have a Felhunter, it Spell Locks your focus. If ctrl is held down while using this macro it will simply Spell Lock the target your mouse is hovering this way you won't lose your current target. Oh hey, you can copy and paste text out of the WoW client. That covers every possible summon, includes the mounts.
This is an update to Yvero's conflagrate else Immolate macro. It also puts Hunters mark on, obviously. As usual, I'd appreciate you posting back to let me know if it works or not. Your skill in Not Using the Search Engine has increased to 10, If you have the Fel Domination talent, though, you may want to get a particular pet out in a hurry.

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